Finger and Development Essay

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Explain the statement children’s development is holistic and each area is interconnected. Give an example of an activity and show different development areas. Development is holistic means that each area is dependent on the other to ensure the child develops to their full potential. Although development is described as different areas: physical, social, emotional, language and intellectual, each area needs to connect in order for the child to develop. So for instance a child might be highly intellectual and then be unable to butter bread. This isn't because the child is incapable of buttering bread; it just has not had the chance to practice the physical skill. Another example is a child needs to wear glasses for school (physical) and other kids are sitting, this can mean his self esteem is being undermined and his confidence will diminish (emotional development) and could also lead to him becoming isolated from his friends as he cannot deal with the teasing (social) so he stops wearing his glasses to become socially acceptable and then he can't see properly (physical) so he cannot do his schoolwork and progress (intellectual). |

Explain the statement children develop at different rates but broadly in the same sequence. Give an example NINE TO TWELVE MONTHS - during these period many children become much better at using the thumb and index finger to grasp objects - transferring them from one hand to the other. Also, many children begin to use their index fingers to poke into holes. By this time, many children are also able to hold and manipulate two objects, one with each hand, and they may one of them to get yet another. During the tenth month, many children begin to prefer one hand and side of the body to the other. During the eleventh month, as they get better at grasping and picking up small things, they can pick up very small objects. Also during the eleventh month, many children start to hold and use crayons, put things in and take them out of boxes, turn pages in a book, although not one at time. During this time they will also start sitting up by themselves and will try to self feed. It is also the time they become mobile, by learning how to crawl, stand and take their first toddling steps.

By nine months of age most…