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Fingerprint Madness

Sismay Rodriguez
November 17, 2014
Period 1

Problem Statement
Are fingrprint paterns inheited? If so, can they be used to predict or identify sibling pairs?

I hypothesized, that if i test the sibling and unrelated pairs of fingerprint patterns then, the results will conclude that fingerprints are not inherited, nor can they be used to predict and identify sibling pairs.
My experiment is called Fingerprint Madness. The purpose of my experiment was to collect, categorize, and compare fingerprints of sibling pairs versus unrelated pairs of individuals to determine if fingerprint patterns are hereditary and if so can they be used to predict or identify sibling pairs. I hypothesized that, no fingerprints are not inherited and therefore you wouldn’t be able to identify sibling pairs. In this experiment I will first cleanse every subject’s I tested right index finger with cotton ball dipped in alcohol shortly after I will thoroughly dry the finger. Then, roll the individual’s right index finger onto the black ink pad and place it onto the chart lightly but with constant pressure. After, make sure to clean the inked finger properly. Later, label each finger print with a unique code, which will tell you which pattern belongs to whom. Finally, examine each and every finger pattern with the magnifying glass and categorize it as an arch, loop, or whorl. After I conducted my experiment, my results showed that no sibling or unrelated pairs had identical fingerprint patterns. They all varied in the three categories provided. In this experiment , I also had tested twins in the sibling pairs section and nor were they identical. In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct finger prints are not inherited. So, therefore sibling pairs cannot be predicted.
The inheritance of fingerprint patterns Understanding fingerprints “Fingerprint Science” by Clarence Gerald Collins

· Use a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.
· Thoroughly dry the finger with a paper towel.
· Roll the right index finger on the black ink pad.
· The place your black inked finger print onto the chart using light but constant pressure.
· Use a moist paper towel to clean the person’s inked finger.
· You then label each fingerprint with a unique code, which will tell you which pair the fingerprint belongs to and whether that is a sibiling pair or an unrelated pair.
· Examine each fingerprint with your magnifying glass and characterize it as arch, loop, or whorl pattern.

Black ink pad
Paper towel
Cotton balls
Rubbing Alcohol
Sibling pairs (at least 3)
Unrelated pairs of people (at least 3)
Magnifying glass Variables/Control
The independent variable of this experiment is the sibling/unrelated pairs being used.
The dependent variable of this experiment is the fingerprint patterns of the people being