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‘Nashville’ is a music legend and entertainment icon of a women named Ryan Jaymes, who had been one of the industry’s top female vocalists for many years. After working tirelessly to elevate her game, Ryan suddenly discover her passion for the business wasn’t enough to compete with the new generation of great talent lighting up the charts. She’s forced to accept the harsh reality that she would have to start over.

THE 100
This is a show which the series are set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war, which wiped out almost all life on earth. The teens arrive on planet which they had only seen on space. They are meant to find refuge and supplies in an old military. The land is a fair distance from it and soon face other concerns. Confronting the danger of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community. Trailer: Time

Time : How long does it take to make each episode?

‘Nashville’ has made up to 3 season with the first season having 21 episodes, the second and third season having 22 episodes each adding up to 65 episodes in total. Taking an average of 74 weeks of making the 3 season for the TV program.
On avenge it takes 8 days to make one episode of ‘Nashville’, taking an avenge of 3 days to edit, 3 days to rehearse and the other
2 days to shoot. It takes three to five hours to get 20-22 minutes of usable footage. Without the addition of the writing, prep and post production. One episode of ‘Nashville’ is 43mins and is shown once a week every Wednesdays at
10pm due to the age group and audience they want the TV program to be available for.
With their first episode shown on October 10,
2012, with 8.93 millions viewers.

THE 100
‘The 100’ has completed up to 2 season with the first season contenting 13 episodes and the second episode contenting 16 episode, adding up to a total of 29 episodes. Taking an average of
33 weeks to make 2 seasons of ‘The 100’.
On avenge it takes more than a week to make one episode of ‘The 100’, taking an, avenge of 8 days. Going though the same process as
Nashville taking 3 days to edit, 3 days to rehearse and 2 days to shoot. Taking three to five hours to get 20-22 minutes of useable footage.
Not including the writing, prep and post production. One episode of ‘The 100’ is 42 minutes and is shown every week just like Nashville on
Wednesdays but at 9pm being at time in which the age group can watch the TV programme.
They were first aired on March 26, 2014 with
2.59 millions viewers.


Nashville: The Complete
Season 2 DVD songs

The American Broadcasting company also

known as the ABC funds ‘Nashville’ giving them a certain amount of money to spend on one season using advertisement to increase the amount of viewers and the merchandise that
ABC sells for Nashville.

Because ‘Nashville’ is a musical TV programme, and the songs they sing, write, sell and share is a big part of the show’s appeal, this means the songs sang by the actors can be sold individual or as part of just one season.
Examples of where ‘Nashville’ songs are sold is • the apple stores or in the ABC store increasing the amount of fund ‘Nashville’ gets.
By advertising ‘Nashville’ to increase viewers to watch and by using this amount of viewers that have viewed the TV programme, to make most of their income and by the merchandise they sell. The CW funds ‘The 100’ by giving them a certain amounts to spend on one season, and because ‘The 100’ is a big show using up to four location which includes;
Vancouver, British, Columbia and Canada.
The marketing and promotion are a major part of any TV network’s budget, but the
CW spends a massive amount on advertisement. It spends more than $134 trillion on advertising and promotion per year. ‘The 100’ doesn’t sell any merchandise