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The different nursing theories discovered by nursing pioneers have provided most of the foundation on which modern nursing stands. Back then, when the nursing profession had just started, nursing care was pretty much basic. Originally, the role of the nurse was to primarily care for a patient as prescribed by a physician. This then led to the discovery of the biomedical model of nursing care which still strongly influences nursing practice today. This model however focuses heavily on pathophysiology and altered homeostasis and so works well for medical and physical care (Julia, 1998). It has been argued that so much emphasizes were done on treatment of diseases that very little notice was left for the psychological, social, cultural and economic differences between individuals. This essay will describe and explain how different theories can be applied in real nursing practice. The well-being of a person greatly depended holistically were nursing theories started to evolve and emerge. Holistic nursing is a practice of nursing that focuses on healing the whole person. This practice recognizes that a person is not simply his or her illness. Holistic healing addresses the interconnectedness of the mind, body, spirit, social/cultural, emotions, relationships, context, and environment. All of these aspects combine to create the person, so in order to heal the person, the holistic nurse looks at all aspects and how they can affect the patient's health. Holistic nurses often integrate alternative medicine and practices into their nursing care. These practices address the patient's physical needs, as well as their psychological and spiritual needs. Nurses use their own experiences as a foundation for their care, integrating the patient's experiences, as well as social, cultural, and spiritual values, to treat the whole person rather than just the illness. Holistic also acknowledges that relationships are everywhere, and humans can affect other humans. This concept is included in the nurse's care plan, using self-care, self-responsibility, and reflection to help the patient get healthy (Evelyn and Melanie, 2002).

Nursing profession now has developed into multidiscipline meaning it no longer narrows the idea on curative and preventative measures along but broaden into mental, social and spiritual care nursing. Meaning nursing can be perceived from different perspectives that reflect caring, love, respect and belonging (Patricia and Anne 1992). In addition, nursing is all about reflecting your kindness, love and care to patients and understand them as unique in their own ways. With these characteristics nurse can be flexible in delivering health services to the people concerned. Furthermore, this attitude of love and care gives the nurses the opportunity to fully understand their patients’ needs. For example, a paediatric nurse who has a heart for small children will have more chances of helping and serving the sick children because of his or her love and kindness parents or guardians will. Roy's goal of nursing is "the promotion of adaptation in each of the four modes, thereby contributing to the person's health, quality of life and dying with dignity"(Roy, 2009). These include the physiologic model, the self-concept model, the role function model, and the interdependence model. The goal of nursing is to promote adaptation during health and illness of all four models. Adaptation is described as the process and outcome whereby thinking and feeling persons, as individuals and groups, use conscious awareness and choice to create human and environmental integration (Patricia et al, 1992). Basic to Roy’s model are three concepts: the human being, adaptation, and nursing. The human being functions as a bio-psychosocial individual. The goal of the human being is adaptation through interacting with the environment. The environment includes all the circumstances, influences, and