Fire and Bushfires- a Bushfire Essay

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A bushfire is a fire burning out of control in the open.

Natural causes e.g lightning and spontaneous combustion (burning)
Human activities including: cigarettes and matches carelessly discarded electricity cables sparks from machinery & tools burning off

Types of Bushfires - surface bushfires burn in grass, low shrubs & ground litter crown bushfires occur when heat and flames from a surface fire ignite the crowns of trees. Crownfires spread rapidly if there are strong hot winds, and very dry vegetation. Huge amounts of flammable eucalyptus vapur, transpired from leaves can create 'firebrands' that engulf the tree crowns ahead of the firefront. These fires are dangerous & hard to control.

Where do bushfires occur?
Usually in less and parts of Australia. Arid (dry) areas tend not to have enough fuel to sustain fires for any length of time. South-eastern Australia is particularly subdued to bushfires.
1. & drought.
2. South eastern Australia is subject to heatwaves and strong northernly winds during summer.
3. Climate change will result in this area becoming hotter.

A Earthquake is the result of shock waves passing the earths crust.

Impacts of natural hazzards

Economic Impacts
1. Earthquakes can cause enormous damage to infrastructure and rebuilding infracstructure may be beyong the capacity of individual country.
2. Some of the most common earthquake results are: loss of damage to essential services including gas, electricity, water,telephone,sewerage,hospitals and transport.
Damage to houses/homes.
Damage to shops e.g banks, clothing, stores, supermarkets
Damage to community buildings – schools, churches,…