Fire and Maneuver Essay

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Fire and Maneuver

Fire and Maneuver is the one of the most important techniques to staying effective in combat. Movement without fire is suicide. Tactical maneuver is the way in which Infantry platoons and squads apply combat power. Its most basic definition is fire plus movement, and is the Infantry's primary tactic when in close combat. Exposed movement without fire is potentially one of the most dangerous things on the battlefield when engaging an enemy and being combat effective. Fire and Maneuver is a tactic used in the military to decrease the enemies ability to return fire. This tactic can be performed by a unit as small as a two man team and as large as a squad. It is performed by the first part of the unit suppressing the enemy from behind cover while the other advances toward the threat. It can be executed in many different formations such as wedge, skirmish, column, etc. Fire and Maneuver can also be performed by more than one unit as well. On the battlefield many hands can play a major role in the success of executing this tactic. It can be done in many forms such as frontal attacks, day attacks, and single envelopment. Maneuver attacks are broken down into three phases Preparation, Conduct, and Exploitation. The Preparation phase begins with receipt of a warning order. The preparation phase ends when the attacking unit crosses the line of departure (LOD) or enemy contact is made. The Conduct Phase - begins when the attacking unit crosses the LOD or the