Burning Barn Analysis

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Jessica Moreno
Professor Hankins
English 116-80
November 19, 2014
“Burning Barn”
1. - The protagonist of this story could be Sartoris Snopes. The smallest boys in a family were the father was presumably accused of beginning arson.
2. He is debating between telling the truth, and since he is raised to see violent act as a sign of manliness he just see it as normal. (I don’t really know how to phrase it)
3. One conflict is might be the guilt the boy feels(if it can be called that) about the burning of the barn and either way the father wouldn’t let him say anything.
4. When they made the campfire the night before arriving to their new destination the father drags sartoris to the side where his father hit him on the head accusing him of wanting to tell the judge the true about him burning the barn.
5. The father makes the kid see violence as a ‘manly’ way to act. He acts on impulse.
6. Sarti’s first impression of the house was that the building, for him, was as big and compared it to the courthouse.
7. Maybe the father’s actions can be described as jealousy, or even just anger towards people who, in that time, were the wealthy ones.
8. Since the rug was a fine one, it was cleaned the best way as possible, but the father ruined it all when he decided he would do the job himself.
9. After the Major de Spain went to ask for compensation, sartoris thought that this event would cause to bright a light inside his father’s head so he could stop acting as he did.
10. At the ending of the meal the boy notices his mom panicked screams and decides to check it out. In the end he