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Fire Service
What is involved in being a firefighter
As a firefighter, you will be called upon to tackle various emergency situations where your problem solving skills and initiative will be vital to resolve issues quickly and calmly. Incidents vary from tackling fires and rescuing people from burning buildings to dealing with chemical spillages and Road Traffic Collisions.
There are certain personal attributes you will need to fulfil your role as a firefighter. These include confidence, resilience, adaptability, ability to communicate effectively, integrity and have a commitment to diversity. The role of the firefighter is continually changing as new techniques and equipment are introduced. As well as responding to emergencies, you will also be expected to work closely with the community.
Main 4 roles as a firefighter
•To prevent fire and accidents from occurring in the first place. •Educating the community by visiting schools, community centres and people in their own homes. •Advising people about planning escape routes within their own homes in case of a fire. •Actively seeking to understand and to value diverse individuals and groups.
As a firefighter you will be expected to undertake a continuous training programme by attending lectures, exercises, practical training sessions and other forms of training to maintain competence levels. You will be expected to take responsibility for developing your own skills and ensuring that your fitness levels are maintained as the work can be demanding, both physically and mentally.
6 national firefighter Physical tests
1. Ladder Climb 2. Casualty Evacuation 3. Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation 4. Enclosed Spaces 5. Equipment Assembly 6. Equipment Carry
The higher and more qualified people will get paid more, it can vary from £21,157 to £63,567 but this is at the highest possible job you can