Fire Symbolism In Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451, a “fireman” tries to find truth in a dystopian future where books are banned from the U.S.A. The man’s job is to burn books. Fire is important to him, for a time, until his whole world get’s turned upside down and toppled over. Guy Montag, fireman, married, “happy”, has his life changed because of fire and truth.

Fire. One of the few things that makes Guy Montag smile. There is a sort of pleasure that comes from watching something be destroyed. A sort of pleasure that a sour soul, which is torn by misplaced pain, gobbles down, drinking the adrenaline rush like it is water, and releasing a devastating aroma of evil. A pleasure meant to replace what is real and true, trying to protect itself from truth. To Montag, fire gives him a feeling of relief and an adrenaline rush. It symbolizes how he burns away his own good self and his life for his own personal pleasure. The story starts out with Montag burning a house. He has a certain glow in his
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When he meets the men, they are around a campfire. A fire not meant for burning, but for warmth. It has some feeling of protection in it. Montag, filled with rage because of his toppled down world, is calmed by something he thought was so evil, he thought of as malice, his own demise. Fire almost seems to be destiny. It helps to fill his mind with falsehoods, then reaches out with it’s big burning mouth, and cooks his life, his foundation, until it is no more. Then it seems to hold out a hand to Montag, pulling him out, burning his problems. Then it comforts him. Calms him down. Now, with everything burned away, there is room for truth. Montag, can now live a life of truth.

Fire burns. Fire comforts. Let’s be open to the truth. Stop the scorching in your soul and burn away the things that lead you astray. Then, let it comfort you and be drenched with the truth of the world, of God, of happiness. Conquer the