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Should Guns Be Outlawed
The Right to Bear Arms
With the increase of violence among the United States there has been a much needed change in the ownership and purchasing of guns. There are many reasons guns should not be outlawed just as much as why they should. The purpose is that it is not the guns that kill people; it is the people killing people (, 2012). Banning guns would be ineffective and would just probably make things worse than what they currently are. There have been numerous attempts to ban things throughout the United States and with its history; it never worked. Drugs are illegal practically everywhere in the United States but that does not stop the distribution and are continuously put out in our streets. So should guns be banned? No; there just needs to be more control and safety regulations. Outlawing guns would just infringe the rights of the people. People have the right to bear arms and defend their selves, which means they have the right to protect themselves if necessary. We live in uncertain and violent times and we never know when our lives are in danger. Burglary and theft is one of the most happening crimes in remote areas. Possessing a gun is protection for one’s safety of self, family and what that person works hard for.
After the ownership of guns has become more frequent for one’s safety, the crime rate has also increased and has caused a possible change in gun laws. When guns get into the wrong hands like children, or juveniles they do not know how to handle it. There have been way too many incidents of killings in schools and public places around the country. That also leads to providing a better security plan for places as such to protect the innocent lives. Guns in homes with children also needs to be in more control because there are numerous occasions when a child gets his or her hand on a gun and it accidently goes off killing an innocent by-stander. If outlawing guns would decrease the crime rate than that may just be the answer to do so. While outlawing, there also needs to be more security and safety regulations because outlawing guns does not mean a person cannot get their hands on one. Background, mental, and anything that could lead to violence should be obtained before allowing anyone to purchase a gun.

Safety Regulations
Responsible gun regulation is not only up to the sellers by making decisions based on information given but is also up to the consumers and others even if they are not purchasing them. Taking precautions to minimize the risk of criminal offenders by requiring criminal background checks on gun owners and gun shop employees, prohibiting terrorist watch list members from acquiring guns, mandating that gun owners report to law enforcement when guns are stolen, concealed carry permits should only be restricted only to individuals who have completed a safety training course and are 21 and older, and should not be given to perpetrators of violent misdemeanors or individuals arrested for domestic violence (Ground Up, 2013).
Safety regulations