Firearm and Rampant Gun Violence Essay

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Bang! Bang! Bang! A fifteen year old girl, a sixteen year old boy, and a seventeen year old boy all murdered while walking home. They were not doing anything wrong, simply minding their own business when a car pulled up and shot at them multiple times. Cleveland’s gun violence and the rest of the country are leaving families heart broken. A few weeks ago, every single day throughout the week innocent victims lost their lives due to gun violence in Cleveland. Many people are being injured and killed due to gun violence, and the Ohio Congress needs to make stricter laws to regulate all the firearms in our city.
When looking to the social-economical factors that play a role in the rampant gun violence in the city of Cleveland, some clear trends begin to emerge. The gun violence is mostly taking place in lower-class, poverty stricken areas. The main ages that are affected by this are sixteen through thirty years old. (SHOOTINGS DEATH) Males are associated with gun crimes and gun suicides. (SUICIDE SATS) This is because men are typically more direct while females tend to solve problems differently. All the States have some sort of firearm problems, but the more populated areas have the greatest problems with guns.
The smaller the county the greater chance for gun violence to occur. The problems mostly take place in urban areas. Urban residents often purchase their guns at gun shows. This is one of the biggest problems we have with guns right now. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a firearm at a gun show, but there is a problem with the illegal buying of guns there. This is called the gun-show-loophole. At gun shows anyone one can buy a firearm, regardless of their criminal record. All the individual needs to purchase a gun is a driver’s license, passport, or birth certificate to indicate that they are over eighteen years old. (FREQUENT ASKED QUESTIONS) This means that a felon, a drug user, or someone who has been charged for criminal domestic violence can buy a firearm without a background check. This is arming the gun wars that take place in some of the crime ridden neighborhood and communities. In these rugged neighborhoods and communities there tends to be more incidents dealing with guns. These areas are more associated with poverty, and gangs. (FOX) Law abiding citizens in these areas do not feel safe in the community that they live in so they purchase a firearm for extra protection. Owning a firearm works to their advantage sometimes, and other times works against them. When gangs determine that someone has a gun in their home, their house becomes a target to be burglarized. It is very easy for the criminal to steal a gun and use it for themselves or sell to another gang member.
Also in these neighborhoods there tends to be more people addicted to drugs. (KAESTNER) When people are in an unstable mind they act differently than they normally would. If an individual is high on a hallucinating drug, they could “see” illusions of a “monster,” or even a serial killer. If they have a gun in their home, they could shoot the “monster” and mistakenly kill an innocent person. This is why the gun-show-loophole hould be fixed. The objective is to prevent the sale of guns to people that have been charged with possession or usage of illegal drugs. Statistics show that easy access to firearms is linked to a higher percentage of suicides. Within the first hour of a person contemplating suicide, if there is access to a gun, that person has a greater chance of committing the act.(SUICIDE AND FIREARMS) It is proven by>>>> that people act on their emotions more readily if a gun is present. After the first hour the person starts to think through all the consequence of their possible action. In the United States the leading cause of suicide is by guns, with 52% of people killing themselves this way. A gun in the home triples the risk of suicide, and 85% of people who are 18 and under that commit suicide by a firearm use a