I Want To Be A Firefighter

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Firefighting is a tough business. To the normal citizen a firefighter might be just a person who puts out fires in fancy trucks and nothing else to it. On the contrary, firefighters need to be much more than an individual with a hose. I feel I could be a great firefighter because I have always wanted to be a part of a team oriented job that no two days are alike while being able to help people.
It takes a special type of person to be a firefighter. It is just not all about simply using hoses to put out fires, as a matter of fact the training alone to be a fire fighter is anything but simple. As a person I feel I posses many of the prime characteristics needed to be a successful firefighter. One of the few main reasons of why I believe I would make an excellent firefighter is I have always been interested in medical science. Yes, when most people think of firefighters they think of burning buildings and big red trucks but what most people don’t know is that every member of the fire department must be certified and remained certified as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and then if he/she chooses to later become a paramedic. This is the first step to become a successful firefighter in any city you can think of. I take personal interest in emergency first aid and trauma care which is great seeing as how those are the two main components of an EMTs training. I am extremely dedicated to my training as well. Not only to be an EMT but in my past as a football player, ROTC cadet, and as an employee at work.

Dedication is one of the qualities most essential to be an outstanding firefighter. EMT training alone the individual most goes through 300 hours of training just to be certified as a basic EMT. And hundreds more to pass firefighter school and become certified to drive the engines and ambulances. Dedication is one of the many qualities that are underlying essentials to being a firefighter.
Another essential quality is being physically fit. Out of all the important traits the make up a firefighter this is tied for first. I have always enjoyed working out and playing various sports. So being physically fit is not an extremely difficult challenge to me. One can argue being fit is the most important part of the job. However, I disagree; but with that being said I can completely understand why one would think that, if you are not fit to