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Firehouse Subs in Australia
Research Project – Final Plan
Global Management


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I. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction
Firehouse Subs is a fast casual sandwich restaurant chain established in 1994 that focuses on hot subs served with meats and cheeses. The headquarters are located in Jacksonville, FL. Firehouse Subs now wants to expand internationally to Australia a region we feel has the right target market, cultural tastes and low barriers to entry for our company.
I.2 Products
Our products are fresh, made-to-order hot and cold sandwiches that appeal to a wide variety of consumers.
I.3 The Market
The fast casual
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Management Considerations

4.1 Legal Structure

The legal structure of the expansion effort will be a limited liability company for the company owned store. The major reason for this initial location is to also use this as a training restaurant for future franchises. Once franchised units are sold the legal structure of each franchised unit will be at the discretion of the franchisee. Our recommendations would be made dependent on the franchisees situation such as a partnership or limited liability company. This allows the individual franchisee to run his/her business independently and reduces liability to him/her. It also will meet required business laws of owning and operating a franchised business that Australia has established. We expect franchisees to follow all laws regarding business management, accounts and record-keeping and food safety.
Based off of previous success in the U.S. Firehouse Subs will choose to implement single-unit franchising. This will benefit the franchisees because it will allow them to begin their business with a lower initial investment and receive more guidance from our company. The Australia region will be able to support multiple locations while taking into consideration the boundaries and population density of the area to ensure that each franchisee is not interfering with the other, which can cause them to lose customers.
As far as legal requirements, a review of the rules and regulations governed by the Franchise Council