Firend: Truth and News Journalist Essay

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Dear Friend,

The past couple of months have been pretty crazy covering this political campaign. As much as I found this assignment to be a very big challenge I had to do my job as a news journalist is to get the best coverage and information that I could. There were some things though that I had to keep in mind while I was conducting my research. My social responsibility as a journalist in general. I had to make sure that my information was accurate and informative to the people. To me when covering any type of story accuracy is very important especially when it comes to politics. My stories and reports have to relay the truth in a transparent manner that shows reliability and objectivity. My job as a news journalist is to verify my sources and reports to ensure they are informing my audience about the events as they are happening. One thing that I found very important while conducting my research is my legal responsibility. I have to make sure that when I am providing information to my audience that i know my legal rights and the rights of each individual, I have to make sure that I am being compliant with legal issues around the campaign. This ensures that there is no intrusion on matters of confidentiality and privacy and sometimes this could be a big obstacle. I did face some struggles with my social responsibility when I was doing my research. Some things that I struggled with was getting my pictures off the internet to go with my reports. When going on “” I searched for the political campaign I was covering and I got millions of pictures. The struggle with this was I wanted to make sure I was getting the pictures from a valid source, making sure that the pictures were truthful. Also getting information about the candidates over certain websites was a concern. I wanted to make sure I was getting factual information so the websites I was getting my information from like; “, , ,,…