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Firm Analysis Assignment: iRobot
I. Overview and Introduction iRobot Corporation (iRobot) is engaged in the design, production and marketing of home robots and industrial robots f or consumer, government and military applications (MarketLine, 2014). Currently, iRobot operates in the United States, Asia and Europe. In order to attain the company vision, it is expected that iRobot would have effective marketing strategies. However, a critical analysis of iRobot reveals that the company sadly lacks engagement with its target market, has a poor fit between its products and its marketing strategies, and needs to vastly improve on its market segmentation approach. This paper presents an analysis on iRobot’s marketing strategies. The Company iRobot develops robotics and artificial intelligence technologies and uses these in the production and marketing of robots (MarketLine, 2014). The company has two business segments. The first segment offers products to consumers by means of a network comprised of businesses across the United States, to different countries, through international distributors and retailers, as well as through its on-line store. iRobot’s home robots business unit includes mobile robots that are used for household chores. This segment’s product line is comprised of the iRobot Roomba, a vacuum cleaning robot; iRobot Braava, a floor mopping robot; iRobot Scooba, a floor washing robot; iRobot Mirra, a pool cleaning robot and the iRobot Looj, a