First Aid checking unconscious victim Dr Essay

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First, I will check the scene of the accident for safety. Tell the driver of the car that I am here to help since he is still conscious, turn the running car off so that it will not move any further or catch fire while it is still running.
Second, I will go to the other passenger that has been thrown out from the car and is lying motionless, face down on the other side of the road, check the scene for safety, tap her and ask her if she was okay. I will then tell my friend to call 911 that she is unconscious.
Third, I will roll her to face up by positioning myself, facing her back. I will move her arm that is closest to me up so that it will not be on my way and so that there will be no additional injury. I will place my hand behind her neck to secure her neck, place my other hand on her hip and then gently roll her to her back keeping her head, neck, and back secured and in a straight line.
Fourth, I will then put my ear close to her nose to check for breathing. I will then open her airway by pacing my hand on her forehead and using my two fingers, place it on the bony part of the jaw and lift it up, tilting the head back so that the airway will be open.
Fifth, I will then give two breaths, while giving the two breaths; I need to make sure that the chest is rising. If the chest is not rising, I will have to make sure that the airways are properly open by re-tilting the head back. rway stays open throughout until the emergency personnel get to the scene. After that,…