First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Flag Ban Northern Essay

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usefnbhhkdjfhswrjdhbfCourt considers California school's May 5 US flag ban
Northern California high school, three students arrived for classes in 2010 wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. The students were forced by administration to turn their shirts inside out and to go home. This article shows an example of the first amendment and the debate is how restricted are students to their first amendment right at schools.
Shutdown Hysterics And Debt Drama Queens: What Happens Next? government shutdown and the differences between the Republicans and Democrats had which ultimately caused the government shutdown. According to this article Republicans were willing to fund every government program except Obmacare the Democrats refused to back down so they shut down the government. This article shows Article 1 Section 8 of congressional powers to tax the people and to barrow money. Granger, Williams applaud House vote trying to avoid the government shutdown. It is talking about the House vote which rejected to fund Obmacare, yet continue to fund all other government programs. This shows Kay Grangers power to vote in the House which is one of her powers. Ted Cruz has allies
Ted Cruz took