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1. Give a brief definition of an organ (2)
An organ is a part of the human body that is like a mechanism with a certain function. It’s like hardware in a computer. Every organ in the human body has their own function which is important for the function of the other organs and the human body itself. The failure of one organ can result in the failure of the other organs.
2. What systems are? (2)
The system is a set of organs, vessels, bones ect. working together for the same purpose. The systems: Skeletal system, Muscular system, Respiratory system, Reproductive system, Lymphatic system, Digestive system, Nervous system, Endocrine system, Circulatory system, Urinary system, Sensory system.
3. Briefly describe 4 of the systems of the body (4 marks per system) (16)
Respiratory system - this system is responsible for the oxygen supply to the human body. It includes the nose, mouth, trachea and the lungs. From the lungs the oxygen is carried to the body thru the heart by the blood. When we inhale oxygen and it gets to the lungs. Then the lungs take the oxygen and release CO2 which we exhale. The lungs provide the body with the needed oxygen.
Circulatory system - this system is the transportation system of the body. It carries oxygen from the lungs thru the blood. The blood itself carries oxygen, nutrients, white blood cells (which fight against infections) and removes waste. The system includes lungs, heart and blood vessels. After the lungs got the oxygen, the heart then takes it to the blood vessels which carry it all around the body. The waste of CO2 is carried back thru the heart to the lungs and exhaled. Lungs and heart work closely together and are dependent on each other.
Digestive system - this system is responsible for the food processing, taking out vitamin, minerals, nutrients, fats and getting rid of unusable food. It includes mouth, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum and anal canal. The food is getting broken in the stomach by the stomach acids, then it goes to the intestines where all the needed nutrients are taken, then the rest of the food is getting eliminated from the body.
Nervous system -