First Day In School

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I was twisting and turning through a labyrinth, passing by watchful eyes, a continuous vortex of curious beasts; but really, I was winding through a route of depressing and boring students. As I stumbled through the halls of this degrading prison I somehow managed to notice the lifeless and depressing posters that the school had so thoughtfully presented us with. As I took a sharp glance at the encouraging posters that said, "Say no to drugs" and "Always keep safe" which didn't even interest me in the slightest I was distracted and curious but more concerned about what my school life was about to become. I assumed it was too early to discriminate considering it was my first day but I seriously struggled to help my self. Mr Bowerman, the headmaster and also an encouraging one at that looked like the sort of guy who would line all of his different socks up everyday and decide on which pair to wear. I encounted the sloth like head master for the first time as he babbled on about the education the school had to offer, I continuously knodded my head in acknowledgment to what he said even though my mind was too involved in events that took place throughout the school. I couldn't begin to describe to anyone how I was feeling because of the fact he never asked me a question, I couldn't of told you what he asked and I definitely didn't want to start off on a bad foot. Finally the desperate wait of release was complete, I edged myself closer to the den I was about to be held captive in, I desperately didn't want to draw any form of attention to myself as I was already a few minutes late. Of course I swung the loose and fragile door wide open by accident which clattered off of the lockers to the near left, the airless room had nobody in the best of moods but agitated at best. So far my quiet and discrete entrance was not going according to plan. As the door vibrated and shuck up the surprisingly quiet class, everybody stopped and turned. Suddenly every eye kept me captive. I was pinned by their terrifying gaze; breached of my privacy, inspected thoroughly and dashed to the nearest seat to dispatch the attention from myself. I realised sooner or later my teacher was going to accumulate a sly dig at me for my late arrival, saved by the class clown, the thought slipped her mind. The erupting sound of a pencil exploding off of one of my fellow pupils desk top saved me as the sound amplified and bounced off of all four walls of the class room. It then sprung to mind that I now had the higher ground as the boy now held my eye. It was if it was a form of self defense and that suddenly the tables had turned, all attention that I had brought upon myself from earlier was completely removed and I was now immersed in my business. The class clown looked at me and smiled as if he knew me or had any idea about me, as if he had me