What's Law Got To Do With It?

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Amber Ramsey
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
September 30, 2014
Jacob Aroz
What’s Law Got to Do with It?
As of January 1st, 2014 according to statistics there are 598,791 openly gay couples in the United States. In marriage, the most important thing is love and companionship, and even most heterosexuals would agree with that. By not allowing homosexuals to marry are we making them “inferior” and therefore possibly promoting hazing and bullying? Same-sex marriage should be federally recognized and legalized because it could lead to financial benefits for the economy, over population is prevalent and the majority of same-sex couples adopt, and homosexuals are citizens who have a right to vote just like most heterosexuals, so why not have the right to marry whomever they wish as the heterosexuals do.
First of all, if same-sex marriage were legal and federally recognized homosexuals would then receive the same tax benefits as heterosexuals. Patricia Gain states, “Even if the same-sex couple is married, federal law does not recognize that marriage for tax purpose” (p. 482). Homosexuals being federally recognized to marry and legalized could potentially raise the tax revenue by a pretty hefty margin when you consider how many gay couples are out there. Furthermore, it would increase the money spent on marriage licenses which means more money for the state. Not to mention a marriage license usually means a wedding, and a wedding also means more money spent for the economy as well as job opportunity. Let’s not forget the government’s budget, we can help lower that too by legalizing same-sex marriage, How, you ask? Well if a same-sex couple is allowed to marry that could create a more stable household therefore reducing the number of singles on government assistance which is funded by taxpayers and the government.
Secondly, as many of us are aware, population in America is rather high and the amount of children in foster care and up for adoption is through the roof. Statistics actually show about half a million children live in foster care or have been orphaned. As it stands right now if a gay couple were to attempt to adopt only one would be legally considered the parent. You will hear a lot of argument against same-sex marriage, some people stating that marriage is for the purpose of “reproduction” but if this were the case then why is legal for an infertile couple to marry? Clearly some people could argue that they don’t know they are infertile until after they are married, so why not test them before marriage? Seems legit, we are telling homosexuals what they can and can’t do so what is the difference? My point here is it is not our place to tell anyone who they should, shouldn’t, can, or can’t love.
Finally, one of the things that defines living in America is our freedom. We live in a democracy, a capitalist society that sought centuries ago against both religious and political persecution and invasion of our basic human right to happiness. However, are you truly free if the country you pay taxes to live in tells you that unless the person you love is of the opposite gender you can not be a true partner? Homosexuals should have that same access to our civil right to be happy. Gay people are