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The Garage
Every year on the last Thursday of November my family and I go to my Uncle Jimmy’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Jimmy lives in Wynne so we don’t really go to his house that often. Maybe every few months or so. Thanksgiving at his house is kind of a big deal considering almost every one in the family shows up to eat. The place is so crowded that some people have to eat out in the garage. Thats usually us kids though.
The garage was something that Uncle Jimmy built himself. It was quite a project. He managed to connect two more bedrooms and two more bathrooms to it as well as the house itself.
On ordinary days it smelled of wood, but on Thanksgiving the aroma of turkey, ham, apple and pumpkin pie, and various other foods. The sound of conversation filled the room as the teens and younger children ate happily. Of course not all of these people are family. Some are just close friends or neighbors that don’t have anywhere else to be, or just wanted to stop by. I, as well as most of my family,am a firm believer that the holidays are not just a time for family, but a time that should be spent with anyone that you love.
One of the things that we do before we eat is to go around the long folding tables and have each person say what they are thankful for. A lot of the time people would say things like family, or their houses, or money, but one time my cousin Steven , who always seemed to have a way with words, said, “ I am very