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Philip Ramos

It all started eleven years ago, the greatest journey I’ve ever embarked on. Becoming an inspirational hip hop artist has always been one of my most fascinating goals. A few main reasons why are because I want to be able to support my family financially, I want the world to hear my story, and last I just love to write! To me there’s no greater feeling than being able to write a new song and sing it to my friends and family. Especially if they all are always very supportive and love my music talent as well. It all began when I was twelve years old, I’m sure most kids around that age are trying to find themselves, and I found what best fit me and my whole personality and it was music. My cousin Eric used to love making instrumental beats and send them to me on a c.d. I would then write a song to each beat and record it on my cassette tape player and the outcome was fantastic. We made a lot of cash selling the music and the beats to our close friends and family. On good days we would bring home fifty bucks, and for a twelve year old boy that’s a lot of extra money to have adding up. Once I seen how fast the money ball started rolling, I knew there was a bigger picture to this whole music thing and I felt positive about being able to help and support my family financially. Even though I was young, I could definately tell that times were tough for everyone and anything I can do I strived my hardest to do it. Next thing I know my vision became a reality and my goal of becoming financially stable at a young age started happening.

After the money started coming in and everyone in my circle became good financially things started to become a lot more serious. We had to be smart in the equipment that we invested in. We also had to make sure that the new material we bought for our recording studio was the right kind. I just had to make it a point that when the world hears my voice and my story for the first time, it’s as clear and clean sounding as possible. By this time I was already in my early twenties, everyone was getting much older and much wiser. We all had the same views on the music that we was putting together, and we all knew the significance and importance of my life story being