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Sara Almazan
12 December 2012
How Reading Changed My Life

There are many ways reading has changed my life for the better. Without reading I wouldn’t know proper grammar, how to explore my imagination, and how to educate myself in the ability of writing. It helps me educate myself to understand new words that come up as I read. As I’m reading I often find myself looking up words in the dictionary that I don’t understand, or haven’t come a crossed to in the past. When I look the words up in the dictionary I’m helping myself by understanding a new word and extending my vocabulary even more with every word I find. With reading my speech skills have improve, and the ability to listen to more details, which is important to have. Proper grammar is important to know in life, because without it makes you look unprofessional. With proper grammar you are more intelligent and competent. In life you would need proper grammar to have a better opportunity to be hired for a job you are looking for. While I read it helps me explore my imagination, because I’m visualizing the descriptions and details the author gives me. By visualizing in my imagination my visual perceptual skills improve. I’m really well at educating myself as I read along with a book. I learn new words, and that helps me extend my vocabulary and that helps me improve my speaking skills. Having an extent vocabulary helps you be more intelligent as well. It helps me understand the authors writing, and why they