Essay on First Experience with Writting

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From what I can remember of my first writing experience; I was around eleven years old, and I would always carry this tiny green leather journal around. It never once left my sight; from being on my nightstand to going out of town. I would always carry that tiny leather journal. I have never been this out-spoken type of girl, I was always shy and so very quiet, so quiet that you would literally forgotten that I was there, but my god when I open that journal I would instantly start creating these short stories. Nothing made me happier then grabbing ahold of a pencil and letting my creativity flow through my head and write down the most absurd yet clever ideas that till today. I still get entertained from reading my past stories. I created a whole new life for me that was only living on paper, but I made it come to life in my mind of course.
In the light of me being quiet and shy, through paper I had a loud mind. You’ll be surprised of the many things your mind can create. Although besides my foolish creativities I ended being more of a socially awkward person, never felt comfortable in crowded places; such as the mall, movies even with family. Only times I ever talked loud and became very talkative was around my friends, but other than that being around strangers or having to do a presentation in front of the class has always been difficult for me.
Not to mention the times I would carry that leather green journal around and immediately start to write on it in public. In school, with family, shopping with friends, even when I go out to eat I would end up taking that tiny book out and write down my thoughts or any crazy imagination that I would come up with. There were times when I took that book out and got in trouble with my teacher for not paying attention in class I would usually end up having my journal taken away and not receiving it till class was over. My parents were sometimes worried on how little I would talk and how much time I would spend on, well, writing on my journal.
As a matter of fact, I created a