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Archetype Oral – The Philosopher
Wisdom, the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement as to action. Wisdom is the trait that all seek to have, why? Wisdom is the skill that is the prerequisite for everything in life; however the wisdom the Philosopher has is the wisdom beyond the average mind which makes all most any philosopher notable. Socrates once stated “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

A world without wisdom, think about that for a moment… you can’t because the world couldn’t exist because the world is wisdom; culture, religion, science, math, art… it is all wisdom, wisdom is a branch that just grows and grows but the branches never breaking or falling but rather being weightless against the science that would weigh it down to a halt in growth. I am found everywhere and in everything because wisdom is everything you can imagine, even imagination requires wisdom.

I am Hypatia, one of the earliest and most influential philosophers at time. I studied mathematics and philosophy at an early age to become one of the youngest and both first female philosopher. I realised at an early age that I need wisdom to accomplish anything in Greece, and competing with all the other philosophers of my time was a feat in itself. I was constantly drowned in frowns and confusion for being a women interested in the study of great wisdom, because most of the people who followed the same treacherous path were dominant males. However the fact that philosophy was a lot more male originated did not stop me, I studied it in the school of Alexandria to the point where I was recognised by all the philosopher’s for centuries to come. Unfortunately for me however, I attracted the attention of the politicians of the town I was born in, coming between them to the point where they broke tiles and plates, ripped by clothing off as if it was nothing and then used the fierce edges of the broken objects to peel my skin to a dark red flowing river, the ruthlessness of men has killed me.

I am Plato, pathway maker for the Western study of Philosophy, all remember my name and show respect towards it and my great workings. Many consider me to be the first true philosopher, when my name is voiced, the words philosophy come to the mind. I studied since I was young to gain the trait called wisdom, by doing this I have started a new age of knowledge, called wisdom. Philosophy was not for women, I led philosophy workings for men only and any women would be condemned to do the labour for a man, because wisdom was everything and a man should not be troubled by anything but his study towards it. Many women would call me The Devil of Eve, for that language I had my polictial links throw them in to the cells where they would learn their place.

I am the great William Shakespeare, I am the greatest thing to come to understand the English language, people cheer for me, girls adore me. My influence spans across the English empire, not one person has ever said, who are you?