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First Impressions

A first impression is a lasting impression. This is why it is important that your first impression to people be acceptable. Depending on how you present yourself, as of dealing with your attitude, is very important when it comes to first impressions. Also, your behavior and your appearance are a big key as well.
You should always present yourself in a positive manner because you never know who is watching you. Let’s say you just found out that one of your family members just passed away. That same day you have a job interview. When you enter in the interview, you shouldn’t take your grief out on the person that is interviewing you. Chances are you won’t get the job!
When traveling to different areas it is very important that you be on your best behavior. It is very unlikely that people will think that you are a multi-millionaire making six figures if you are out and about screaming into the air like a baboon with his head chopped off! Show some class. Let people know that you are serious about what you do and are a professional at it.
Unfortunately, everyone at one point of time will get judged by the way they dress. It only takes three seconds for a person to look you up and down and project that you live on the streets. All because your pants have holes in them, your shirt is dingy, and your hair has not been brushed. Little do they know that same day a dog attacked the leg part of your body, you forgot to wash your shirt, and you lost your hair…