First Ladies Hostess

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Many of the First Ladies spent their years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue almost unnoticed by the United States public. A lot of the first ladies carried out only the fundamental duties such as being a mother and a housewife but some of them did leave a significant mark in history. In the past, there has always been the President and his committee and behind them stood the First Lady. As time went on and women's rights grew, First Ladies started to emerge out into society. Once the status of women started to change, so did that of the First Lady. As the First Ladies started to emerge in society, the media started to showcase them on news channels. Once Jacqueline Kennedy became the First Lady, she was all over the media, with her newborn baby and her fashion style, she was a public icon and everyone wanted to know what was …show more content…
They show Mrs. Kennedy water skiing with Astronaut John Glenn. John Glenn was the guest of honor that day. During the news clip, president Kennedy and his family are on the sidelines while the First Ladies is water skiing with their guest. Through out the news clip, the reporters talk about how the First Lady and John Glenn will put on a “dazzling show for the crowd”. The reporter’s tone gives off the vibe that they do not truly value the First Lady’s position as hostess. The use of diction has a little sarcasm, which makes you believe that the reporter does not respect the First Lady and what her stance is. During the news clip, phrases like “put on an aqua show of their own” or “practically go into orbit” proved evidence that the reporter is skeptical of the First Lady’s platform. Another example of why the report might not value the First Lady’s position as a hostess is why is not President Kennedy involved in the Hyannis Port Water Game of 1962. From 1960’s to current day, media’s attempt to support the First Lady and her platform has