First Lady Essay

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First Lady
On a chilly day in Chicago Illinois October 29, 1947 Hillary Rodham can into this world, her parents Hugh Rodham and Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham soon after moved about fifteen minutes away from downtown Chicago to Park Ridge, Illinois where Hillary and her two younger brothers would grow up. Surprisingly as a young woman Hillary was very active in young Republican groups, even campaigning for presidential nominee Barry Goldwater in 1964. After the Vietnam War and hearing a speech by Martin Luther King, Hillary became a Democrat in 1968. Hillary attended Wellesley College, where she was active in student politics and elected senior class president before graduating in 1969. She later attended Yale Law School, where she graduated with honors in 1973 and met her future husband Bill Clinton who she married October 11, 1975. Hillary and Bill lived in Fayetteville Arkansas where they would have their first and only child Chelsea who was born on February 27, 1980. Bill was elected governor of Arkansas where she would serve as first lady for twelve years. Hillary started working for Rose Law Firm Little Rock. In 1988 and 1991, The National Law Journal named her one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in America. She did both corporate and not profit work. Working with Legal Services and the Children's Defense Fund, she also worked with placed like TCBY and Wal-Mart. In 1992 Bill Clinton was elected president and Hillary became First lady of the US. Hillary was just as educated as he was. When Bill was campaigning, he saw Hillary as a partner who could help him and would tell people that they were getting “two for the price of one.” The country was not used to seeing such a strong and involved first lady. Bill later got Hillary involved in the Task Force on National Health Reform, and named her head of the force in 1993. Upsettingly for Hillary complicated plan never came to the floor of either house and was abandoned in September 1994. In 1988 Hillary had to deal with the most public embarrassment she would ever have to encounter, when the rumors of her husband and Monica Lewinsky’s sex scandal came about. Hillary still supported her husband publicly, it was reposted the she conceited leaving the marriage. Bill was impeached, but the U.S. Senate never convicted him and he stayed in the office. After serving two his years as president, Bill was no longer allowed to fun for office. Hillary decided to join the U.S. Senate seat from New York held by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who was retiring after four terms. Despite early problems, Hillary beat Clinton beat popular Republican Rick Lazio by a surprisingly wide margin of 55% to 43%. Hillary was the first wife of a president to seek and win national office and the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from New York. Hillary seemed to enjoy being the first of many things. In 2007 she announced that she wanted to become the first female president and would be running in the 2008 election. During the 2008 Democratic primaries, she

conceded her nomination, when it became apparent that Barack Obama held a majority of the delegate vote. Soon after Barack Obama became president, he nominated Hillary as secretary of state. She gladly accepted and became the 67th U.S. secretary of…