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Parveen Singh 817
Ms. Cato 3/3/11 Dear Kaiser of Germany. I the king of Austria- Hungary am most devastated at the people of Slavic nationality. They have assassinated my son, the heir, and the one who was to be future king of Austria Hungary. I have declared war on the nation of Serbia, and I offer you and the German military to side with us in this war with Serbia. I offer great rewards to your nation if you help us win. I believe that a massive war is about to rage and standing alone will not help but it is suicide.

Side with our country, and we will help to defend your country if the enemy decides to attack. The Archduke will be avenged and so will the Duchess with Serbian blood. I want the German Navy to increase in size. Our Navy is not as good as theirs and we will need support if they do water based attacks. In addition, I believe that the Serbs will form alliances with other nations so please destroy every ship that your Navy sights on the water. As neighbors, I believe that god has given us a divine right to defend our borders from them when they have created such a event like the assassination of a future king, to our great nation. We will block their line of supplies and support from their allies. We will hold the border so that they do not divide our nation and invade our territory. In addition, I promise to help the German Army for…