First Of All Let Me Book Report

Words: 777
Pages: 4

You know after reading this book something inside of me just clicked! First of all let me start by saying Amanda and me are like twins in the sense that, we go after the things, or maybe just the people we want. She had known of Dawson, and i’m sure she had seen him in the hallways of school before, but the story takes place at “the spot” the restaurant all the teenagers go to. Dawson’s cousins girlfriends car breaks down as they are leaving, so he gets out to help them push it all the while jocks are honking and beeping their horns and being stupid, guess who is with them, Amanda. She ends up getting out of their car to go help and push. Dawson pretty much acts uninterested in her help, but he sure was good with his hands, he got the car to work back up almost instantly. What kills me is the next day she unplugs her battery and asks Dawson for his help as he walks on by and well “he rescues …show more content…
Tuck is a very headstrong, tough man who underneath is a big teddy bear. He had been in the military or Navy i can’t quite remember which one it was but regardless he almost died but he heard a song that relaxed him, and this very song his wife had heard in a dream. His wife died which made him bitter until he found something new to love, to take care of and that my friends was Dawson they learned from each other. Tuck showed Dawson more love than his father ever did but Tuck had a unique way of showing it.
Love is a crazy thing it can bring people together, and pull them apart. When you become really close to someone, you tell them everything and you breathe their name in your sleep. When you can't imagine a world, a life without that person and then BOOM something happens and tears you apart. It's funny to me how everything can be going just the way you could have always wanted it too, and then one incident, one issue can change everything. This happened between Dawson and Amanda on several