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2 September 2014
Hayley Nicole Williams: Personality Research Paper.
“In the beginning, I turned down tons of stuff; as soon as I turned 18, FHM magazine came to me. There's been countless ridiculous things since then, and probably some cool opportunities that we just didn't feel right about at the time. We sort of let ourselves bloom as people at the same time that we've let our band expand its territory. I think some of that has been in us, to know what feels right, a sense of what Paramore really is, but some of it, you grow into it” - Hayley Williams (RollingStone).
Powerhouse vocalist, lyricist and song writer, Hayley Nicole Williams, born in Meridian Mississippi, started her singing career at a very young age. At age 13 Williams moved from her hometown Mississippi to Franklin, Tennessee; where she met future, now previous bandmates, twins, Zac and Josh Farro at a private school they all attended (RollingStone) (Billboard) (Paramoreonline). Hayley was discovered at the age of 14 in 2003 by Manager Dave Steunebrink and offered Williams a two - year production deal with independent label, Spongebath Records (Blumentrath). The deal was that Hayley help write pop songs with top songwriters (Blumentrath). While still attending school, Williams audition for a local cover band named The Factory where she met former band member bassist, Jeremy Davis. Hayley then became the lead singer for The Factory. After the band broke up Hayley joined Josh and Zac’s band with Taylor York. Jeremy Davis and guitarist Jason Bynum were then recruited and soon they all created the band famously known as Paramore.
While still attending high school the band started playing shows, all around the southeast in early 2004 (RollingStone). Hayley was then offered a deal with Atlantic records in which she left the band to become a solo artist. There was a major creative difference between Hayley and the record label, she clashed with the label over the direction of her music (Blumentrath). The labels first intention was to make Hayley a pop artist, but Williams wanted to be a part of a band (Blumentrath). , “I'm 14, I don't want to be a pop artist, I don't want to be out without a band. I'm more into alternative music. I don't see myself being the next Madonna” (Blumentrath).
Pursuing to form her own band Williams convinced Atlantic records to gather her own lineup and recruited old bandmates Zac and Josh Farro, Jeremy Davis and Jason Bynum, thus Paramore was reunited with Hayley Williams as lead singer. To attract younger audiences Atlantic Records cosigned the band to an indie label know as Fueled by Ramen, home to other bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Falloutboy (RollingStone) (Billboard). Paramore was officially co-signed in April of 2005 and became the only female fronted band on the labels roster. That summer Paramore’s full-length debut album, All We Know is Falling was released. With hit singles such as "Misery Business," "crushcrushcrush," and "That's What You Get". Paramore made appearances with bands such as Simple Plan and Straylight Run in the Warp Tour and Taste of Chaos (Billboard). Josh Lamb then replaced guitarist Jason Bynum in December of 2005. Lamb then left the band in 2007 to get married and Paramore became a quartet (Billboard).
The Fiery red head Hayley Williams attracted a tremendous amount of attention with her remarkable vocal skills and unique wardrobe. Williams Vocal skills earned her a good amount of cameos on other albums including October Fall’s A Season in Hell and Say Anything’s In Defense of the Genre (Allmusic). Hayley’s unique look won her nomination for Kerrang’s second sexiest females in 2007 (Allmusic). The album was Number 30 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart and created a buzz and critical kudos for Williams' strong vocals and songwriting (Allmusic). The following summer of 2005, was the release of the bands second album Riot. Buoyed by the popular singles