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Nevertheless, there is an argument that the use of the traditional first-past the post system is unfair because many votes get wasted and therefore, votes for parties outside the main two or three are of an unequal value. This is because representatives can be elected on tiny amounts of public support and so, the size of victory is irrelevant, it is only that they have more votes than other candidates which counts. This also leads to tactical voting, as votes vote against the candidate that they dislike and not for who they prefer.
Jaguar Land Rover to create 1,700 new UK jobs in major boost for industry
Boost to economy comes after Chancellor hails drive out of recession


Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to create 1,700 new jobs at its plant in the UK.
The car giant’s Indian owners have pledged to invest £1.5 billion in a bid to expand its product range, and in doing so will provide a big boost to employment opportunities at its main site at Solihull in the West Midlands.
Service firms around the country are also expected to benefit, and the Government has welcomed the news as the latest positive step in Britain’ move out of recession.
Unions have welcomed the creation of jobs, and the investment is also a big boost to the UK motor industry, which has already seen increased sales this year.
The first model to be added to the maker’s range will be a Jaguar sports saloon car, scheduled to be launched in 2015.
A portion of the £1.5 billion will also be spent on introducing aluminium chassis technology across the board.
JLR chief executive Dr Ralf Speth, speaking at the Frankfurt Motor Show, said: “Today's announcement signals Jaguar Land Rover's ambitions to push the boundaries and redefine premium car ownership.
”At Jaguar Land Rover we place the customer at the heart of everything we do and the introduction of a world-class, all-new aluminium vehicle architecture means we will be more competitive, flexible and efficient delivering exciting new products for our customers around the world.
“Jaguar Land Rover is a business driven by design, technology and innovation and this investment and level of job creation is yet further evidence of our commitment to advancing the capability of the UK automotive sector and its supply chain.”
The 1,700 new jobs at the Solihull site in the West