First-person Shooter and James Bond Essay

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Golf Clubbing A trope refers to a general and consistent pattern found in media, literature and any other form of storytelling. We discussed the difference and the similarities between a trope and an archetype in class. In this essay, I investigate a trope that I am interested in and give an explanation by giving a few examples. Since I am a golfer, I tried to find a trope of golf on I immediately found a few tropes about golf. “Golf Clubbing” is defined as turning a golf club into a weapon to use violence or threatening people with it. As you know, a golf club is a long iron-made stick to hit a golf ball. There are many kinds of golf clubs these days. It is very expensive as it gets higher quality. It might not be appropriate for golfers to use a golf club to threaten people, but I have done similar kind of thing before.
“Golf Clubbing” makes the audience interested in it in the movies and video games occasionally. Using some sporting goods is one of the dramatic actions in some movies such as the “James Bond” series that is my favorite movie. You will see Bond attack or kill his enemies with many kinds of random stuff including a golf club. People enjoy seeing “Golf Clubbing” because James Bond does it. He is a spy and specialist on attacking people. The fact that a spy uses a golf club attracts the audience. By the way, a baseball bat is another sport equipment to defend yourself that you can think of, however, a golf club is stronger and more useful because the head of golf club is heavy and hard, so you can swing a golf club faster than a baseball bat.
Practically, an actor looks powerful when he swings a golf clubs in the movie. It makes the audience think about how scary thing a golf club can be.
Another example of “Golf Clubbing” is video game. I often play action video game such as “Call of Duty” and “James Bond.” Because it is a first-person shooter video game, you have to kill as many people as possible. That kind of genre of video game shows a golf club as a