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First Reaction

As I grabbed my psychology book and began reading I saw how the book used real life experiences to display and give an example of the information being taught. Instantly I was intrigued! It was all great information from modules 1-3. Am glad I got to read about the different modern approaches such as the behavioral approach, evolutionary and my favorite humanistic approach. Furthermore, I saw the way a normal brain as opposed to an autistic brain functions, as to how you can diagnose and tell when someone has ADHD. It was great to read about test anxiety because I myself get very anxious and I know it’s mostly in my head. Module one gave me great tips on note taking and reviewing which will forever help me. What am really starting to see is not only do you need to psychologically be able to help the patient but we need to make sure everything in intact physically as far as our nerves and neurons go, etc. Moreover, module 2 showed me the advantages and disadvantages of different testing methods. You can either perform a case study, a survey or naturalistic behavior. My personal favorite was the naturalistic behavior because you get to watch and observe what you’re studying. You can either do it in a lab, or out openly. I thought the double-blind procedure was pretty cool how neither participant knows which group is receiving which treatment, no favoritism. I myself have always believed in the placebo effect. I actually take deep breaths or drink plenty of water before I ever take an Advil. I try to tell myself it will go away but it doesn’t happen. Maybe I should start drinking sugar pills to fool my brain, just kidding.
What really caught my attention was the story and information given regarding Alzheimer's disease in Module 3. I found it very sad to see such an all around guy having build a good life for him self have to carry around a pens and a note pad to remember things. I think it's sad to see anyone go through any…