First Shot By Walter Sorrells

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The book First Shot by Walter Sorrells is about a young boy named David Crandall living with his dad after his mother’s murder. He lives with his father in an old house on the property of the private arsenal school his father works at. David’s family has a long history with rifle shooting. David himself is a pretty good shooter but is devastated to find out that he didn’t make it onto the school’s team. When a member has to leave he gets his chance and makes the team. David’s biggest wish is to make First Shot. First Shot is an award given to the best shooter at the school. David believes this winning first shoot will fix all his problems. It’ll help him with popularity, girls, and most importantly his father.
I enjoyed this book because of its writing. The author Walter Sorrells did an excellent job of describing the settings and emotions of the characters. His descriptive language made you imagine exactly what the charter was feeling and where they are. One example of descriptive
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Since the story is written as a diary and in the perspective of the main character David, you always understand how he feels about each character. I think this really helped solve the mystery because you get a perspective of how David feels about the character and how he reacts to them. The author does an amazing job of describing the characters and showing the relationships and relations of the characters in the story. For example the author does an excellent job of describing the harsh and complicated relationship David and his father have. The story line and situations David finds himself are easy to relate to making you get engaged and want to keep reading. In conclusion, The book First Shot by Walter Sorrells is an obscure and mysterious story about young David Crandall and his journey in surviving school and trying to figure out if his father actually did murder his