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Un-effective Communication
Luis D. Maymí Romero
University of Phoenix
April 21, 2010
Un-effective Communication communication is an effective part of every company but in some cases the communication becomes interrupted and it may be unsuccessful. Every company should have a guideline or protocol to follow. And if this protocol is not followed accurately communication may become un-effective.
Previously I was working at a company as a manager for retail store. And for some reason another manager from the chain of stores needed to be covered at his place of work. He was asked to assist the meeting that was related to my score. On this meeting subjects that were discussed were never mentioned to me. But what I did notice is that another employee a regular employee was attending calls from the home office. She was very concerned about the movements of another employee, this was told but to me by another employee that worked at the same shift.
They went on when finally around six o'clock I was asked to return to my store, when I reached the place to my surprise I found that the manager from the other store my supervisor and the director of human resources were having a conversation with this employee. Apparently he transferred some merchandise from one store to another before some reason he left in his car for at least two days. The director of human resources in some way was interrogating this person about the why of his actions. At