First World Saving And Loan

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Policies, no matter the type can be a saving grace or major catastrophic downfall for any company no matter their size. It all hinges on the development, implementation and follow through of the policies that are set into place. Much like a baseball game, during the development phase much care should be taken to review all company activities, processes, and the everyday inner workings. If an area of operation is missed it could turn out being the same as the weakest link of a chain by creating a vulnerability where the companies system can be infiltrated by outside sources. The same can be said for the implementation and follow through phases. Your policy writer could be the best in their field, however, if the policies are not put into place as prescribed and then followed through with the strictest of precision with consequences carried out as needed then the time of all parties involved have been a wasted endeavor. Such is the case with First World Saving and Loan (FWSL), a financial institution that processes a vast amount of online credit card transactions and loan applications daily. FWSL is currently reviewing ways to reduce their overhead cost. One such option is to implement an open source infrastructure which would replace current software and would also offer them a possible savings of over $4,000,000.00 due to licensing fees that would no longer be needed. With the business model they have in place they must also be mindful of maintaining current required policies such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)