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(This Section for Coaches Only)


The coaches will:

1. Announce and post tryout dates at least 10 days in advance. Coaches will use the sports’ bulletin board in the FAS lobby and the district website (During the season, they will update the bulletin board with rosters, schedules, pictures, etc.).
2. Assure that all players have an updated physical by checking with the school nurse. There are no exceptions!
3. Notify the main office, individuals responsible for their field, and transportation supervisor of any changes in practices or games.
4. Pick up a medical kit from the school nurse and always have it at all practices and games.
5. Distribute and collect all athletic team forms.
6. Maintain and possess at all times a team roster with emergency contact phone numbers.
7. Hold a pre-season meeting with students trying out for the team. At this meeting, they will pass out the Tryout Guidelines and rubric for assessment.
8. Know the location of school defibrillator.

Tryout Procedure:

1. Hold a minimum of three tryouts for all players.
2. All players must attend all three tryouts. Only acceptable excuses (family emergency, religious reasons, illness, injury, etc.) for school absences may be accepted by the Principal.
3. If a student/athlete misses a tryout for one of the above reasons, they may be granted a final tryout with the selected team at the discretion of the administration/coach.
4. Before tryouts begin, distribute the section of the athletic teams guide that pertains to students that tryout for the team. The student trying out and their parent/guardian must sign this form.
5. Use a rubric or scoring system and make notes to evaluate players.
6. Use at least one other adult at all your tryouts. For example, a coach from Shore Regional H.S. can be used to assist in the tryout process. A parent/guardian of a child trying out may not evaluate players. The coach will make all final decisions using input from the other evaluator(s).
7. Coaches are cautioned to avoid socializing with parents/guardians during the tryouts and pick-up after tryouts.
8. At the conclusion of tryouts, thank all players for their effort. Additionally, inform players that positions as managers, scorekeepers, etc. are available to those who do not make the team. The aforementioned positions are only open to students in grades 6-8.
9. The coach will inform children in person that they did not make the team.
10. The coach will give feedback to players who did not make the team on areas where they need to improve their skills.
11. Parent(s)/guardian(s) of students who did not make the team may request a meeting with the coach to discuss their child’s performance during tryouts.

When the Team is Finalized:
(This Section for Coaches Only)

The coaches will:

1. Provide a typed roster and schedule to the FAS School Secretary, the FAS Principal, and the Athletic Coordinator.
2. Distribute the section of the athletic teams guide that pertains to students that make the team. The student/athlete and his/her parent/guardian must sign this form.
3. Make sure the FAS School Secretary, the FAS Principal, and the Athletic Coordinator have their home and cell phone numbers.
4. Schedule all practices to include all team members.
5. Contact all opposing coaches to confirm both home and away games. Also, notify the FAS School Secretary, Principal, and Athletic Coordinator of all changes immediately.
6. Take payment vouchers to all games. Make sure vouchers are filled out correctly (see example). Staff members may not umpire, referee, or officiate any games for sports teams.
7. Hand payment vouchers in to the office the next day.
8. Distribute uniforms at the beginning of the season.