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In everyday life we engage in a vast range of physical activity like doing housework, washing the car or even just taking a shower. Physical activity is constant and most of the time requires minimal effort. Exercise on the other hand is structured, planned and repetitive body movement at a medium to high frequency in order to maintain and improve physique. People may take up exercise for an enjoyable, relaxed approach or for weight loss/improvement of cardiovascular system. Regardless of what type of exercise and what it means to each individual, people participate to gain the health benefits that come with exercise.
Zumba is a Latin style dance fitness program that involves music, dance and aerobics. Created in the 1990’s, Zumba incorporates traditional exercise techniques into dance.
One of Zumba’s best fitness benefits and maybe the most important is improved cardiovascular health. Playing at around 140 beats per minute, the exercise combined with the dance music makes the pace feel natural. This pace of exercise in a regular amount each week will strengthen your heart muscles and also improve ventilation rate. Zumba is also a great anaerobic workout. The music beat is faster which generally translates into faster movement and increased oxygen intake at a high intensity. Respiratory endurance is increased quite quickly. Also, meeting and dancing with other people can improve social skills.
The most obvious benefit of Zumba is weight loss. Zumba associates a lot with the cardiovascular system and weight loss is one of them, it had been scientifically proven cardio workouts are one of the most effective in burning fat and toning your body at the same time. And like any other exercise, Zumba releases endorphins. Cardio workouts have also been proven to release more endorphins, a ‘feel good’ hormone that is released after exercise. Zumba is also a great way to improve coordination. With old age, coordination is one the most important factors along with mobility, so people are encouraged to improve these things as old age approaches. Fall rates among the elderly are high and some are fatal, that’s why it is important to maintain coordination all the way through to old age.
Zumba in Wagga Wagga is available at a few venues including: The Xceler8 Gym located at 20 Chaston Street
Southern Cross Performing Arts centre located at 57 Chaston Street. Zumba instructors are qualified to teach Zumba, Zumba toning class and Aqua Zumba.
Zumba can be available for all ages. Fortunately for most professional group Zumba classes there is no age restriction and DVD’s can also be bought and Zumba workouts available on the internet for people who don’t have classes in the area or are money conscious. Also, local group Zumba classes tend to not have an age restriction. Many teenagers participate purely for enjoyment, young adults are among the most popular participants along with middle aged men and women. Elderly people can also take Zumba classes. What is great about Zumba is that everyone can dance at their desired pace. Dance moves do not have to be exactly followed.
Zumba classes for adults range from $5 to $15, depending on the venue. Kids pay $8 and pensioners are the same. Zumba Packages are also available like four weeks of Zumba toning and 20 classes for $220. Of course like any exercise routine, time must be put aside. The time allowance is dependent on how frequent this exercise is performed. With Zumba, classes are usually taken once a week and go for an hour so time commitment required is minimal and fits in to most people’s schedules.
More information can be found on the Official Zumba website and further information about Zumba classes in wagga.
Participating in Zumba at school was enjoyable. Although it was a very relaxed approach to the dances by the class, the dance moves proved to be intense