Fitness Resort In Malibu Changes Lives Essay

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Fitness Resort in Malibu Changes Lives
Wellfit guests come to the Malibu resort ? which just launched ? to experience a unique program designed to meet their individual exercise goals, while feeling welcomed into a warm and nurturing community. Three women, who were recent guests at the resort, saw drastic positives changes in both their bodies and minds.
Malibu, CA, August 28, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - The typical day at Wellfit Malibu starts with a two-hour hike in the scenic Santa Monica mountains. Fitness classes – including
Zumba, fit conditioning, and strength training – along with cooking demonstrations, nutrition talks and a life coaching circle, fill out the rest of guests’ scheduled stay.

Throughout their time at Wellfit, guests feel improved physically and mentally, with new lifelong habits and friendships.


Sue Martin lives in the small town of Postville in Northeast Iowa where she works as a special education teacher. Over the last 20 years, Sue has added unwanted weight. Married with children, Sue realized she had to do something about her health, so she booked her stay at

“I was expecting for it to be all about diet and exercise,” Sue says. “But between the conversations with the life coach, the hiking guides and trainers, I found that everyone was so warm and caring, and it’s really a holistic approach – it’s about the mind and body.”

At the end of the first week, Sue lost over eight pounds. She improved her triathlon time by over 30 minutes. She even climbed one of the intermediate/advanced hills on her final day.
“My confidence has grown too,” she says. “It’s amazing what you can do in just two weeks.”

Sue made the choice to come to Wellfit because she needed a change. She’s found new tools and habits she can bring back to her life in Iowa. “I feel like I’m free,” she says. “I still have a

lot of work to do, but now I’ve been given the support and knowledge to do it on my own.”

“Part of what this place does is heal the heart,” Sue adds. “I lost myself before, and found myself here.”

Dallas resident Tracy Kaye came to Wellfit as a breast cancer survivor of two years, having gone through a year of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. “I came here to recapture that spirit that I lost at that time,” she says.

At first, Tracy didn’t know if she could do the program – she didn’t like the idea of competition.
“But I found out it was not about anyone else,” she says. “It’s all about trying to exceed your own personal best.”

“The days got easier and easier,” she adds. “I felt I was cared for and given so much personal attention. It was always: What can we do to make you successful in your lifestyle? It’s customized, livable, easy to implement.”

Tracy will be back to Wellfit in September and November, already booked in advance, for some more “me time,” and to reconnect with her new friends. She leaves feeling confident and happy. “I came here and realized I always had it,” she says. “Now I draw from that strength to always use it, and I leave here feeling empowered.”

Eva Misle, a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, didn’t come to Wellfit Malibu to lose weight