Fitting in with Society Essay

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Remeuel Dupree
Ms. M. Helm
English 9 ADV.
27 October 2014
Fitting in with Society
Many people are always trying to fit in rather than be themselves. We are always worried about material things just to be a part of the crowd. Royals is a pop song by Lorde. In the song
Royals, Lorde expresses her feelings toward society by saying we all should express our inner selves rather than going with what society says. The lyrics explain how it’s not fun trying to fit in and that we should be ourselves at all times. Modern society is all caught up in a love affair with material goods and the need to fit in by using imagery and figurative language.
Lorde uses figurative language to develop her theme on how society is focused on being someone else other than themselves. For example, Lorde writes, “I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies.” This shows figurative language because it shows that she aspires to achieve wealth and her dreams. This is important because she wants what everyone else already has. In addition she writes, “And baby I’ll rule…” This shows figurative language because she wants people to look up to her to achieve what she thinks would be a greater meaning of existence.
This is significant since society already judges each other based on social status and wealth.
Furthermore Lorde writes “But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom.” This shows how everyone wants to live the “rock star” lifestyle. This is critical because everyone is all caught up in this unrealistic fantasy of wealth and prosperity. Being someone else rather than yourself is never any fun when you try and fit in with society.

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Lorde uses imagery to develop her theme on how being yourself is better than being anyone else. For example, Lorde writes “Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room.” This implies imagery because what everybody else does isn’t all that fun, and you can picture a