Essay on Fitzgerald Explores The Theme Of Obsessive Men Through The Use Of Symbolism

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In the twentieth century literature, many male characters are depicted as being obsessed by other people who ultimately lead to their downfall. Fitzgerald explores the theme of obsessive men through the use of symbolism. When Nick meets Gatsby for the first time at his house he describes Gatsby as “stretching out his arms towards the dark water in a curious way and distinguished nothing except a single green light.” Fitzgerald’s use of symbolism suggests that Gatsby is longing for daisy because he is trying to watch her. The use of colour imagery’ green ‘emphasises that Gatsby is waiting for the reappearance of Daisy. It also coveys the idea of hope to meet Daisy and a chance to win her back. Gatsby’s sense of hope is related to roger Lewis’s critic because he states that the past is crucial for Gatsby. This critic refers to Gatsby as he want his relationship with daisy as it was I the past. The green light is a recurring symbol throughout the novel. It is elusive and always beyond Gatsby’s reach, just like the object of his obsession, Daisy. At the beginning of the novel Nick refers to the ‘foul dust’ that follows Gatsby around. This “foul dust” is symbolic of the corruption of everything that it encounters; it represents the moral irresponsibility of the affluent Americans of the Jazz Age, an irresponsibility that is sure to destroy the romantic illusions of Jay Gatsby. It is the "dirty truth," the reality of a corrupt age and a dream built upon Gatsby's own moral corruption from his ill-gotten wealth and the moral corruption of his "golden girl" whom he pursues. The "foul dust" symbolizes how the means corrupt the end. Fitzgerald’s use of the adjective “foul” relates to senses and shows that Gatsby has not seen reality