Five Cross Cultural Values in Malaysia Essay

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1. Describe the five cross cultural values highlighted in the chapter. Using these dimensions of values, describe Malaysia. Values differ across cultures. Therefore, we need to understand these differences in order to explain and predict employees behavior from different countries. Some cultures value group decision, whereas others think that the leader should take charge. For an example, meetings in Germany usually start on time, whereas they might be half an hour late in Brazil or Malaysia without much concern. We need to be sensitive to the fact that cultural differences exist and although often subtle, can influence decisions, behavior and relations among employees. One of the most ambitious studies of cultural differences as they …show more content…
They usually prefer direct rather than indirect or ambiguous communications.

e) Long term Vs Short term Orientation

Long term orientations look to the future and value thrift and persistence. Short term orientation on the other hand values the past and present and emphasizes respect for tradition and fulfilling social obligations.

Long-Term Orientation (LTO) versus short-term orientation: this fifth dimension was found in a study among students in 23 countries around the world, using a questionnaire designed by Chinese scholars. It can be said to deal with Virtue regardless of Truth. Values associated with Long Term Orientation are thrift and perseverance; values associated with Short Term Orientation are respect for tradition, fulfilling social obligations, and protecting one's 'face'. Both the positively and the negatively rated values of this dimension are found in the teachings of Confucius, the most influential Chinese philosopher who lived around 500 B.C.; however, the dimension also applies to countries without a Confucian heritage.

Geert Hofstede's research gives us insights into other cultures so that we can be more effective when interacting with people in other countries. If understood and applied properly, this information should reduce your level of frustration, anxiety, and concern. But most important, Geert Hofstede will give you the 'edge of