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Market analysis of the Indian automobile industry
The main aim of the project is to conduct market analysis of the Indian automobile industry. Anand Automotive Systems have a ‘51:49’ joint venture with Henkel Teroson India ltd. The company mainly produces industrial adhesives and sealants for four wheelers. The main aim of this project is to find out the potential for market expansion in the other segments of the Indian automobile industry.
Before the liberalization of the Indian economy, it was not possible for the companies to import technology and develop it into the profit making mantra but with the liberalization policy being launched helped the Industry sector to develop and grow in India. It not only consisted of the software which help the companies to handle the essential data satisfactorily and securely but also to manage the systems of the organization in a better and free flowing way, which not only help them to generate profits but also to grow in terms of business and reputation.
As Car industry grew by leaps and bounds after 1991 reforms, need for adhesive and sealants shot up. We were among the leading solution providers for Automobile industry. Our organization was known to world for its commitment to quality. We entered Indian market with Anand automotives which are leading vendors to OEMs .Anand group has now has annual revenue of US $ 770 million. Under the umbrella of Indian partner we are working as solution driven team. Our brand Teroson and Loctite are working together to provide innovations to our car industry. We provided Noise vibration and harshness solutions to cars due to which the company was able to comfort for the rider and image for our esteemed client.
We are also into decreasing the usage of screws as time passed were prone to