Five Regions Essay

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did you know that virginia is divided into regions? there are five major regions in virginia .the five regions are tidewater, piedmont ,valley and ridge,appalachian plateau and blue ridge mountains. they each have special industries and products based on their location and surroundings. tidewater the tidewater region is a low,flat plains region that starts at the Atlantic coast inwards towards the fall line and stops.this area has had several earthquakes.there has also been flash flooding the tidewater region includes the eastern shore.the major product of this region is seafood.its major industries are shipbuilding, tourism and federal military installations.there are mostly sedimentary rocks in this region. piedmont piedmont means land at the foot of the mountains.the piedmont region is rolling hills and is west of the fall line.the main industries of the piedmont region are technology,federal and state government,farming and textiles.its main product is tobacco.the metamorphic rock is most common in this region.there are multiple waterfalls in this region due to the hills for water to fall down. blue ridge mountains the blue ridge mountains are a section of the appalachian mountains . theyare also very old rounded is between the valley and ridge and the piedmont regions .another characteristic of the blue ridge mountain region is that it is the source of many rivers.all three types metamorphic igneous and sedimentary are found here.the main