Five Year Reflection Essay

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Krystle Murphy
EDUC 2301- Intro to Special Populations
Professor Dickson
September 10, 2014

Five Year Reflection Setting goals helps one to have long-term vision and short-term motivation. Organizing these goals along with personal or life goals has proven to be slightly more difficult than I had imagined. I do, however, see the very real purpose this exercise can serve in greatly improving making the most out of my life and those that I love so dearly. I have failed to wholly withdraw from including very personal goals as I feel they coincide with my professional goals. After all, I did choose teaching as my profession in part because of my hopes for my family. I am doing this assignment with real expectations of it doing good for myself and those I will encounter in my profession. I wanted to make a difference, or in some way be significant. Not for a pedestal, because I believe that service is our purpose. That is the way you can reach anyone. I delayed going to college for a few reasons, but believing that I could not do it was the most looming. Well, then I was blessed enough to have a child and suddenly it was not about hiding anymore, you could say survival instincts finally kicked in. This is where my professional goals begin (finally). Naturally my first goal is to finish college. I started this journey just over 3 years ago, while that is okay I would prefer to be done. I should be able to complete the classes I need for my associates within the spring semester provided this Algebra class doesn’t completely kick my tush. I will then complete my degree in education at University of Houston. An immediate action I will take for this goal is meeting an advisor with UHD because I know so little about the program. In the spring I will marry my best friend and we will honeymoon in Canada over the summer. The following two semesters should complete my Bachelors. Starting two years ago I began building relationships with educators at my sons’ school and teachers from my high school. I hope to be able to apply for a position in a nearby school and I will start doing that as soon as I have a graduation date. Building these relationships should be helpful in finding the school, peers, administrators and community that I am excited to work with. I am not as concerned about the position itself as I am about location. I want to be home for my family as well. My two year professional goal is to be a second or third grade teacher with my own classroom. My five year education goal is to nail down an area that most interests or motivates me and start working on my masters. My plan to achieve my goals are to refocus on my artistic talent, remain financially sound and seek out public service. I believe that focusing on these areas will help my attitude regarding the impact of teaching remain steadfast and keep my outlook healthy. It is no good to feel regret about letting a talent go to waste or worry over money. Seeking out public service or getting involved with different programs at the school will be beneficial to me by providing me with ongoing education. I need to be a well-rounded teacher and plan to be able to teach in multiple different environments. One professional goal I am still considering is to also be certified so that I can teach at middle or high schools as well. My plan to achieve this is to work for this certification when I take the time off to have the baby we hope to have and during the summer as well. This will require extreme organization. A personal goal that will impact my profession is that we plan to sell