Flame Test in the Laboratory Essay

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Flame Test Lab
Keawe Root
Period 3

Purpose: To identify the chemical effects during observation based on the burned solutions. Background: Based on the understanding of atoms and electrons going into ground state to excited state.
We can understand when energy is given (Via bunsen burner flame) the atom will absorb the energy and put the electrons in an excited state. Giving off such energy until it peaks and returns to it’s ground state and that is when the chemical reaction is completed. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that if we burn these solutions under the flame and give it “Energy” , then, the reactions will cause the flame to change color as the electrons are put into their excited state and create different colors due to their different ranges of energy levels. Materials/Procedure: Listed on worksheet. Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct. With the different solutions that were burned you could clearly see different color hues that were revealed when there was given energy. Putting the electrons in their excited state and so forth. The unknown solution was easily identified based on the other given solutions chemical reaction. Analysis Questions:
We were able to determine the identity of the unknown substance based on the reaction that it gave, which it had given a red flame based on its energy level and that was similar to LiCl.
Each metal has a different electron total and this changes their effect. When put into an excited state (Via burning) you can identify that the moving electrons within the atoms are giving off this in different levels since they are…