Essay on Flames: Sales and Kebab Shops

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Services that the business provides
Delivery to your door
Collection orders
Order from Just Eat
Accept Cash, Debit Card and Credit Card
What is Flames?
Flames is a business based in Wellingborough which sells mainly pizzas and kebabs. They can provide the food using various methods like delivery to the customers, or they order online or the customer can come to collect. The businesses busy days are Friday nights and Saturday nights because most people are out and need food and kebabs are very popular. Flames have lots of competitors in Wellingborough that sell similar products to what they are therefore Flames try to stand out by ensuring that their customers are satisfied and make repeat purchases and recommend Flames to their friends and family.
Why I have chosen to do Flames?
I have chosen to research and investigate Flames because they are local and I know how popular they are. Also they have a lot of competition because lots of other businesses sell the same products as them and I want to find out what makes them stand out and why consumers chose them over other kebab shops even though they sell the same products at similar prices. Also most kebab shops are owed by Turkish people whose communication skills aren’t excellent as they are foreign and I want to know how they try to please their customer and what methods they use.
Primary & Secondary Research
I conducted lots of research about Flames and some of their competitors. The secondary research that I found was online where I was the website that was linked to the business and some of the reviews that people posts and their opinions on the food and the customer service provided. The primary research that I had to do was I asked the owners some questionnaires which helped me establish…