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Characterization is one of the elements the author uses in “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” to reveal the theme of human nature of knowing what is right and wrong. The Grandmother is very selfish manipulative and always thought herself as superior than others. At the beginning of the story she does everything possible to convince her son and his family to take a different direction from their destination because of the Misfit. The grandmother would see everyone’s flaws except hers, she did not think of herself as imperfect. The grandmother coming face to face never plead for the safety of her grandchildren or son, she was only concerned that the Misfit would not “shoot a lady,” revealing that she didn’t care for anyone but herself. Her kindness trying to convince the Misfit that he was a good man only showed that she believed he had good morals
The Misfit knew that killing was nothing good, and he did not find any pleasure in doing it but he murdered anyways. Although the misfit knew he was doing wrong he killed because of a crime in which he was blamed for and although he knew what was right from wrong human nature
In “Everything that Rises Must Converge” Julian tries to make his mother understand that times have changed and racism and segregation does not exist.

Dramatic irony allows the reader to have more knowledge about the character through their actions and words. The character might see a different meaning to their actions but through dramatic irony the reader can judge that their reasons for their actions are different to the ones the character thinks they have. In the story “A Very Good Man is Hard to Find,” the grandmother tries to change her sons mind to visit Tennessee instead of Florida to avoid the Misfit. “I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal…I couldn’t answer to my conscience if I did” (pg.402). The Grandmother leads the family to the Misfit and when she sees that her families are going to be killed she does nothing to save them or beg for their lives as she did for herself. The reader already knew that everyone was going to be killed but…