The Evolution Of Man From An Ape To Ancient

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There are two forms of history natural and man made, man made history is religion, war, kingdoms, and lots more. Natural history is what is also known as prehistory, which is the evolution of man from an ape to the human beings today. Since technologies is still new the concepts of natural history are still new to some people. But, as human beings we like to make sense of things so we started to believe in god(s) and goddess(s) and made up myths and or legend telling us what happened before the human race began and how it began? In a way the majority of these myths led to one thing which was that some supernatural being created everything. If you dig a little deeper into prehistory, anf how the actual human came into being sounds quite extraordinary if not planned because for someone like me who does believe in god I think god really played a role in the evolution of man from an ape to human. I will compare various creation myths from the Mesopotamia, the Rig Veda, and the Maori to the document, Cosmology and Social Logic by Flannery and Marcus.
The document, Cosmology and Social Logic by Flannery and Marcus, is an interesting read that talks about how even the earliest humans believed in some form of religion to explain how the earth was formed each being slightly different yet somewhat the same as well. The creations of earth were explained through myths and legends and anthropologist define myths as a folktale believed to be true and regarded as scared where as a legend is believed to be true but not regarded as sacred. One of the belief of the first humans was that they were made from the earth or clay. Many creation myths start off with earth not having any light until a spirit or creature requests it, it is also believed by foragers that the first human beings had superpowers, magic and were able to speak to animals. These powers were lost as a punishment and when humans took their final form. The Zapotec Indians of Southern Mexico called wind pee, however, no one saw wind,but the Zapotec knew it existed because it blew in their faces, the trees also swayed and they